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Research Wizard: Customized Screening and Portfolio Management

Screen and report on over 8,500 companies using any of over 650 data items and an unlimited number of custom calculations.

For example, do you want to identify 20 mid-cap, low P/E stocks that reported EPS during the last 15 days, and had  earnings surprises above the median of their industries, upward estimate revisions and no decrease in broker recommendations?

You can!

Virtually anything you want to look for, you can ask the Research Wizard to find and have your answer within seconds.

As you come up with new ideas or things to look for, you can identify new potential buying opportunities by creating new screening definitions.

It then displays your results in an easy to read format. They can be quickly set up in many different ways and can report on any type of item. 

Once your screens and reports are created, they can then be saved.  You'll then have your own set of customized management tools to monitor your portfolio, all readily available and automatically updated daily. 

And all of the information can be exported to other applications such as an Excel spreadsheet.

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Research Wizard: EZ Screen

The EZ Screen feature lets you scan for stocks using some of the most effective pre-defined stock picking criteria. Simply point-and-click to quickly find the stocks you're looking for.

And just like in the detailed screening, it then displays your results in an easy to read format. 

You can save your winning screens and reports to use again and again and of course, all of the information can be exported to other programs.

EZ Screen Screen Shot

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Research Wizard: Stock and Portfolio Ranking with Hot Maps and Scatter Plots

Picking good stocks for your portfolio is one thing. But it`s also important to monitor your stocks attractiveness. Knowing which stocks in your portfolio are doing the best, is just as important as knowing which stocks in your portfolio are dragging it down. You can then replace your losers or under-performers with new, more attractive stocks to take their place.

With the Hot Map charts in Zacks` Research Wizard software, you can graphically evaluate the attractiveness of the stocks in your portfolio. You can also evaluate new stocks from Zacks` database of over 8,500 companies based on the items you choose in your screen or report definitions.

The stocks are then ranked as colors, to quickly spot the best and the worst companies with no guesswork.

Or plot the values of database items with the X-Y Scatter Plots.

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Research Wizard: Alert Reports

The Alerts Reports feature gives you with the ability to monitor for significant events that can impact the prices of your stocks.

Research has proven that stock prices move before, during and after such events. Stock prices may respond almost immediately to as long as 90 days after these events. Alerts Reports notify you immediately so you'll have time to take action for a positive result.

Alert Reports Screen Shot

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Research Wizard and ICA: Zacks Company Report / Snapshots

The Zacks Company Report is a single company report featuring company description, actual and estimated EPS, company vs. industry ratings, fundamental data, broker recommendations and price charts.

All of your salient, up to date decision making information is provided in one easy to assess format.

It is available in both ICA and Research Wizard.

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Research Wizard and ICA: Internet-Based Expanded Company Reports

The Research Wizard includes several expanded company reports, displayed in your browser. These reports give you access to the company's fundamental data, insider data, and a company's general information.

Zacks Rank

The Zacks Rank is based upon a proprietary stock selection model developed by Zacks Investment Research in 1980. The ranking predicts which stocks will outperform or underperform the market averages during the next three months. The 1 to 5 ranking (1=Best Expected Performance) is updated weekly, and is derived entirely from a multi-factor model which analyzes the momentum of analysts' earnings estimate revisions.

Zacks Rank #1 stocks have outperformed the S & P 500 in every year since 1980, with the exception of 1984 and 1998. Between 1980 and 1998, Zacks Ranked #1 stocks provided an average annual return of 35.1% vs. only 17.4% for the S&P 500.


Zacks Rank


Zacks Rank


#1 Stocks

S & P 500

#5 Stocks

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Research Wizard: Backtesting

With the Research Wizard you can backtest and produce reports showing the performance of your screens. The Backtest option in the Research Wizard enables you to select a saved screen definition and to test it historically. The backtest report also allows you to view your screens performance relative to a benchmark, such as the S&P 500 over time.

The Historical Performance of the Screen Report shows a summary of the strategy and compares it with the market. It shows statistics such as portfolio return, benchmark return and excess returns for entire time span and for individual periods. It also displays how the investment strategy performed in both up and down markets.

Backtesting Report Screen Shot

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