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An Industry Leader

When Zacks Investment Research was established in 1978, we set a goal to provide the investment community with the best estimate and fundamental data available, delivered and organized in the most useful format.

Since then - with the design of a new generation of stock selection models - we have become the recognized source for portfolio managers who want to use estimate revisions and EPS surprises to maximize their returns. An outgrowth of this process was the building of the Zacks Research System, which now sets a new industry standard for power and value. Evidence of the value of our products is found in our client list - most major institutional investors rely on Zacks information.

Zacks' commitment to providing timely, accurate estimates and reported earnings data revolutionized the way the finance industry uses this information in modeling processes. Today, with our Research Evaluation Service, we are making a similar impact on the manner in which money managers view sell side equity research.

Since 1996, Zacks has been at the forefront of the information revolution transforming Wall Street. Giving individual investors access to research information previously available only to institutional investors, Zacks' range of Internet services has dominated the field of analyst earnings estimates and recommendations. Hundreds of sites use Zacks data to keep their users ahead of the market.

A Full Range of Services

Zacks is a full service quantitative research firm, offering a suite of products designed to provide analysts, corporate investors, brokers, and individual investors with the tools they need to optimize their equity decision making processes.

ZACKS Equity Research System

ZACKS, our new equity research system, integrates WindowsTM based software with web-based databases providing our clients with a critical competitive edge. Through its Internet delivered format the data is retrieved instantly via your Internet connection, thus eliminating manual downloads of new databases to your PC on a daily or weekly basis - saving you time and hard drive space.

Designed for portfolio managers and equity analysts (and now available for individual investors), ZACKS system is comprised of three modules that offer an in-depth analysis of your current holdings, help you search for new additions, backtest your strategies and create reports for a variety of needs.

Our databases contain company description, size and share volume information, price and price changes, analyst recommendations and recommendations changes, annual and quarterly consensus estimate data, expected report dates, growth rates, actual EPS, valuation data, financial ratios, and income/balance sheet items for more than 8,500 companies.

From data feeds to equity models to research software to Internet applications, every Zacks product has a payback period measured in months - helping improve performance, save time, more effectively allocate resources and make money!




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